Sago Clam Soup

Sago Clam Soup

by Acacia

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I believe that few people know this dish, haha, it’s the first time I heard that sago can be used for making soup. In the past, sago can be used for dessert. Soup is also very good, crystal clear, beautiful and beautiful. It’s delicious, so I will share it with everyone today~


Sago Clam Soup

1. Ingredients preparation;

Sago Clam Soup recipe

2. Boil sago (detailed steps diagram);

Sago Clam Soup recipe

3. The cooked sago is shown in the picture, rinse it with cold water and set aside;

Sago Clam Soup recipe

4. Boil water in a pot, add the clam water to remove the silt and impurities, and cook until the clam cracks and filter for later use;

Sago Clam Soup recipe

5. Wash ginger, cut into thin slices, cut kelp and spring onion into small pieces;

Sago Clam Soup recipe

6. Heat the wok, pour oil, add ginger slices and sauté fragrant, add kelp, clams, and sago in turn and cook for 10 minutes;

Sago Clam Soup recipe

7. Finally, add salt and chives.

Sago Clam Soup recipe


When boiled sago, you need to boil the water pot, the cooked sago will be smoother, more stylish and more beautiful. When cooking sago, you can also cook more to make fruity sago, and prepare a small dessert for after meal


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