Cumin Shrimp

Cumin Shrimp

by Baoma's little chef.

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The meat of shrimp is soft, easy to digest, rich in phosphorus and calcium, and is especially beneficial to children and pregnant women. It is an excellent food for people who are weak and in need of recuperation! There are many ways to prepare shrimps. The method of this type of shrimp is very simple and tastes very good. Those who like the taste of cumin may wish to try it! "


Cumin Shrimp

1. Remove the shrimp intestines and shrimp thread, and rinse with clean water to control the moisture. Add white pepper, salt, white wine (or cooking wine), mix well, marinate for 10 minutes. Pour an appropriate amount of non-GMO soybean oil into the pot and burn it to about 50% heat

Cumin Shrimp recipe

2. Remove the shrimp into the pot, fry until the color changes slightly, remove it immediately

Cumin Shrimp recipe

3. When the oil temperature rises to about 70% hot, add the prawns and stir fry until the open back becomes white, and the shrimp head and tail are combined, then turn off the heat and fish into the basin.

Cumin Shrimp recipe

4. Immediately add cumin grains and cumin noodles while hot

Cumin Shrimp recipe

5. Pour the bowl and mix well, then put it on a plate and serve!

Cumin Shrimp recipe

6. Finished picture!

Cumin Shrimp recipe

7. Finished picture! !

Cumin Shrimp recipe

8. Finished picture! ! !

Cumin Shrimp recipe


1 Don't marinate the shrimp for too long
2 The amount of cumin can be added or subtracted according to personal preference
3 The amount of oil in the pot can be more
4 Stir-fry for 8 minutes in the first pass, and crispy in the second pass


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