Curry Beef

Curry Beef

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Curry Beef

1. Cut the side dish into small cubes of about 5 cm. You can also add carrots, peas, etc. according to your preference

Curry Beef recipe

2. Use olive oil and lard to make a mixed oil, fry the edges of all the side dishes until slightly charred, remove the oil to control

Curry Beef recipe

3. Cut the beef into 3 cm cubes, add cold water (cold water), two spoons of cooking wine, green onion and a little ginger, blanch in blood

Curry Beef recipe

4. Sauté the shallots and ginger slices in hot olive oil, and the beef is about a minute or so

Curry Beef recipe

5. Pour in hot water (hot water), cover the pot, turn to low heat, and simmer for about one hour

Curry Beef recipe

6. Add various side dishes and curry, cook until the soup slightly thickens, add salt according to personal taste, and put on a plate.

Curry Beef recipe


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