Curry Chicken Breast

Curry Chicken Breast

by Don't listen to old liu

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Too lazy to cook food on weekends. Yesterday I went to the supermarket and bought the good curry chicken seasoning cubes. I am going to have a curry chicken rice bowl on the weekend, which saves trouble~~~~ A dish especially suitable for novices. Hurry up and prepare a wholesome and fresh curry chicken rice bowl for your family.^_^


Curry Chicken Breast

1. Carrots and potatoes are diced, the onion is divided into two, and the onion is cut like this

Curry Chicken Breast recipe

2. When the pan is hot, pour the oil and add the ginger slices

Curry Chicken Breast recipe

3. I made a big fire together. If you are more careful, you can sauté the onions twice before adding potatoes and carrots. This will release the fragrance of onions.

Curry Chicken Breast recipe

4. The chicken breasts I bought are freshly mixed in the vegetable market, so it’s fine to stir-fry them directly. Those who are more careful can buy fresh ones and fry them in the pot.

Curry Chicken Breast recipe

5. The chicken is slightly white, you can put an appropriate amount of cooking wine to remove the fishy smell

Curry Chicken Breast recipe

6. The cooking wine can be boiled with cold water after a few times of frying in the pot. More water can be used, and the foam needs to be removed after the water is boiled.

Curry Chicken Breast recipe

7. When skimming the froth, it should be boiled on a high fire. When the froth is almost the same, adjust it to a medium-to-low fire.

Curry Chicken Breast recipe

8. Simmer for about 10 to 12 minutes on medium and low heat. You can turn on a mobile stopwatch or alarm so that you can cook another dish. During the stewing process, it takes three or four minutes to turn over the pot so that the ingredients are heated more evenly.

Curry Chicken Breast recipe

9. After 10 to 12 minutes, the ingredients are almost cooked like this. You can put the good serving curry chicken seasoning into the pot.

Curry Chicken Breast recipe

10. Before putting the sauce, remember to change the heat from medium to low fire or low fire. Slowly use a spatula to stir-fry until the sauce is completely melted, then cover and cook for two minutes, then turn off the heat and let the sauce penetrate better. Into the ingredients.

Curry Chicken Breast recipe

11. The hot rice is paired with the delicious curry chicken breast, and the saliva is all down.

Curry Chicken Breast recipe

12. Novice cooking may be in a hurry. The steps have been written concisely and concisely behind the seasoning. If you forget how to cook, just take a sneak peek at the "cheat sheet".

Curry Chicken Breast recipe


1. If you don't like to eat onions, you can cut it into small filaments. After the curry chicken is cooked, it will be invisible. Friends who don't catch a cold can just cut into large pieces like the one shown in my picture.
2. After the seasoning is dissolved, it needs to be heated for five minutes. Environmentalists can cook it for two minutes like me, turn off the heat, and save some natural gas.


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