Family Edition Seafood Risotto

Family Edition Seafood Risotto

by so what? ! (From Tencent.)

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Cooking is to constantly try new combinations, looking forward to a pleasant taste! There is no reason, just because the wife is a foodie!


Family Edition Seafood Risotto

1. Soak the rice for half an hour, remove the shrimp heads, remove the shrimp tails and remove the shrimp threads, onions, carrots, chicken breasts, squid silk, and cuttlefish into cubes! Shred the shiitake mushrooms and cut the green peppers into pieces!

Family Edition Seafood Risotto recipe

2. Pour the olive oil into the hot pot and boil some shrimp oil! Add diced onion, scallion, ginger, minced garlic and stir fry to create a fragrance! Go down and fry all the ingredients except the green pepper. Put in an appropriate amount of smoke, fill the water to the second joint of the index finger and start to boil on medium heat! Add an appropriate amount of fresh soy sauce and fish sauce, and stir fry during the period to prevent sticking to the pan. Then collect the juice out of the pot!

Family Edition Seafood Risotto recipe

3. This is the finished picture! By the way, a little bit of rawness is called risotto!

Family Edition Seafood Risotto recipe


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