Curry Crab

Curry Crab

by Christy.w

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Today, it was raining all day in Tianjin and I was nestling in my apartment. I suddenly wanted to cook a dish to comfort myself... I often like to make curry crab, which is very delicious with rice and cakes... Now I will share this simple dish Delicious curry crab!


Curry Crab

1. Fried noodles and salt were bought at Emart supermarket when I traveled to Korea. If you don’t have fried flour on hand, you can use flour instead. I chose this type of curry. There are 5 yuan in a box. I only used 3 yuan this time!

Curry Crab recipe

2. I used small potatoes this time, a very small one, just cut it in half! Peeling small potatoes is troublesome, but they taste great. Ordinary large potatoes can be used, just cut into smaller pieces...These three dishes are the standard for me to make curry. Onions and potatoes must be missing. Fill in mushrooms to increase the fragrance. If you don’t like it You can remove the shiitake mushrooms or replace the carrots... Friends who don’t hate shiitake mushrooms, I suggest you try it!

Curry Crab recipe

3. During the crab handling process, I forgot to take pictures. Let me just talk about it here, that is, brush the crabs clean, soak them in salt water for a while, then break the crab shells apart, throw away the crab shells, clean the crabs and cut them in half in the middle... The swimming crabs I use are not big , Best used to make curry crab! Put the processed crabs in a bowl, sprinkle with some fried powder (flour) and mix, wait until the oil pan is 80% hot, put it in and fry for 1 minute and then take it out.

Curry Crab recipe

4. This is the fried crab. I left 4 crab shells for the final product. If you eat it at home, you can throw away the crab shells!

Curry Crab recipe

5. When I make curry, I like to stir-fry all the vegetables. It is a little oily, which will make the curry more fragrant. If some friends are afraid that the oil will make you fat, you can do it!

Curry Crab recipe

6. Put the fried vegetables and fried crabs in a pot, add water and start cooking. After the big water is boiled, simmer until the potatoes are tender. Then, turn off the heat, take out three curry cubes, melt them into the pot, and stir evenly (the curry itself has a salty taste, if it is not salty enough, add some salt according to your own taste to adjust the taste)

Curry Crab recipe


The cooked crab curry, rice, and pancakes are all delicious! I personally like the curry crab with has an Indian flavor. It is delicious if you tear a piece of cake with curry sauce and eat it...


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