Hibiscus Crab Bucket

Hibiscus Crab Bucket

by Brother Xiaoyu's private house

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Furong Crab Dou is a famous Shanghai dish. It may be popular because of its white hibiscus and delicious crab noodles. The traditional method may be deep-fried and may use hairy crabs. I haven't eaten it anyway. I use swimming crabs, eat healthy, steamed, fried, and grilled!


Hibiscus Crab Bucket

1. Two fresh swimming crabs, tell them to play for a while,

Hibiscus Crab Bucket recipe

2. After playing on the pot and steaming for 20 minutes,

Hibiscus Crab Bucket recipe

3. Unload eight pieces, take out the crab noodles,

Hibiscus Crab Bucket recipe

4. Mince scallion, ginger and garlic,

Hibiscus Crab Bucket recipe

5. Stir-fry the chives, ginger and garlic with less oil, pour the sauce (light soy sauce + oyster sauce),

Hibiscus Crab Bucket recipe

6. Pour in the crab noodles and fry until there is no moisture.

Hibiscus Crab Bucket recipe

7. Put it into the cleaned crab shell,

Hibiscus Crab Bucket recipe

8. Egg white + a little white sugar + a little lemon juice (nothing can be ignored),

Hibiscus Crab Bucket recipe

9. Send it to medium-dry foaming, my one is not in place, the sharp corners are best if they are half short.

Hibiscus Crab Bucket recipe

10. Put it in a piping bag and squeeze it on the crab meat to cover it,

Hibiscus Crab Bucket recipe

11. Preheat the oven at 170° and bake for 8-10 minutes.

Hibiscus Crab Bucket recipe


Medium-dry foaming state: mentioning the eggbeater has a small sharp corner of Microsoft, it is just right to decorate the flowers at this time, I... ashamed, it is not in place this time!


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