Sauteed Crab

Sauteed Crab

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Sauteed Crab

1. Cut the shallots into sections, and set aside the garlic and ginger slices

Sauteed Crab recipe

2. Pour 200ml of clean water, wash and brush the swimming crabs, remove the tail and crab gills, and cut into pieces

Sauteed Crab recipe

3. Pour in the swimming crabs and starch, and stir well

Sauteed Crab recipe

4. Pour in 200ml of edible oil, heat the oil to 70% hot, add the swimming crabs, and fry until the color changes

Sauteed Crab recipe

5. Pour in 5 ml of cooking oil, dried chili, pepper, garlic slices, ginger slices, Pixian bean paste, and sauté on high heat

Sauteed Crab recipe

6. Pour 20ml of water, cooking wine, sugar, salt, pour in the swimming crabs, simmer over high heat until the juice is collected

Sauteed Crab recipe

7. Pour in the green onion, stir evenly, turn off the heat and simmer for two minutes

Sauteed Crab recipe


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