Curry Crawfish Rice

Curry Crawfish Rice

by Gourmet Princess Hideri

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The rice bowl made of crayfish is delicious and beautiful, and full of curry flavor. At the same time, those who like curry and crayfish should not miss it. One person can easily kill a large plate.


Curry Crawfish Rice

1. Wash the crayfish repeatedly, remove the head, remove the shrimp thread, and cut two thirds from the back down

Curry Crawfish Rice recipe

2. Prepare shredded onion, green onion ginger, curry cubes, coconut milk

Curry Crawfish Rice recipe

3. Heat oil from the pan, stir fry the crayfish for 2 minutes, set aside

Curry Crawfish Rice recipe

4. In a separate pot, add a small amount of oil, add green onion, ginger, onion shreds and fry until fragrant

Curry Crawfish Rice recipe

5. Add appropriate amount of water

Curry Crawfish Rice recipe

6. Add coconut milk and stir fry the curry until melted

Curry Crawfish Rice recipe

7. Add chopped basil and stir fry evenly

Curry Crawfish Rice recipe

8. Pour the crayfish into the pot and stir fry evenly

Curry Crawfish Rice recipe

9. Take it out of the pot and pour it on top of the rice.

Curry Crawfish Rice recipe


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