Curry Cuttlefish

Curry Cuttlefish

by Zhou Tai Liang Soup

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This curry cuttlefish has a strong Nanyang flavor, and it is inspired by curry cuttlefish balls, which are cuttlefish. Rather than chop up the cuttlefish and eat it, it’s better to save trouble and directly use the whole cuttlefish to make a curry flavor. , Isn't it happy?


Curry Cuttlefish

1. After the baby cuttlefish are cleaned, bring the ginger water to a boil, and quickly blanch them. The baby cuttlefish can be taken out with a slight curl. Use cold water.

Curry Cuttlefish recipe

2. Drain the baby cuttlefish, add curry powder, fish sauce, white pepper, and rice wine to marinate for 15 minutes

Curry Cuttlefish recipe

3. Pour vegetable oil in the pot and sauté fragrant with ginger slices

Curry Cuttlefish recipe

4. Pour in the marinated baby cuttlefish, stir fry a few times quickly, serve on a plate for later use

Curry Cuttlefish recipe

5. Slice the onion, pour vegetable oil in the pot, stir-fry the onion until soft

Curry Cuttlefish recipe

6. Add curry paste

Curry Cuttlefish recipe

7. Pour in coconut milk and boil

Curry Cuttlefish recipe

8. You can add proper amount of water and boil until the onion is soft and tender

Curry Cuttlefish recipe

9. Pour in the cuttlefish and stir fry for a few times, add fish sauce to taste, fish sauce has a higher salt content, so there is no need to add salt

Curry Cuttlefish recipe

10. Squeeze the lemon juice after serving

Curry Cuttlefish recipe

11. Finally, sprinkle the incense to eat

Curry Cuttlefish recipe

12. The taste has a strong Nanyang flavor. The coconut milk curry lemon blend is very classic. The key is that the cuttlefish are crispy and delicious, and the meat is fresh and textured. The addition of parsley and lemon enhances the fresh flavor of the cuttlefish, which is very good. A small seafood with Southeast Asian flavor


Because fresh cuttlefish contains a lot of water, it needs to be quickly blanched in boiling water. On the one hand, the excess water is removed and then marinated to prevent the juice from cooking and affect the taste. On the other hand, the ginger water can remove the fishy and the cuttlefish. There may be a thin film on the epidermis, which can be easily washed off after blanching.


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