Grilled Cuttlefish

Grilled Cuttlefish

by Xiaozifaner

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Since Luo Zhixiang self-mutilated himself in a mermaid holding his fat feet and feet, I didn't want to eat octopus. But foodies never have the power to contend with their own stomach. I bought some small cuttlefish, which are small, and they will not be so scared to eat.


Grilled Cuttlefish

1. Remove the internal organs of the cuttlefish, remove the sucker, and take the mouth. Wash and set aside

Grilled Cuttlefish recipe

2. Cut other ingredients as shown

Grilled Cuttlefish recipe

3. In order to avoid water out of the cuttlefish during cooking, add the green onion and ginger slices and boil the water first.

Grilled Cuttlefish recipe

4. Remove the cuttlefish and control the water for later use.
Take another pot and add 150ml of water. After the water is boiled, cook garlic cloves and onion diced on medium heat (without lid)

Grilled Cuttlefish recipe

5. Cook for 15-20 minutes, filter and save the soup for later use

Grilled Cuttlefish recipe

6. Take a container and mix rice vinegar, oyster sauce, tomato sauce, salt and sugar

Grilled Cuttlefish recipe

7. Pour oil from the wok, sauté ginger, green onion, millet pepper one by one

Grilled Cuttlefish recipe

8. Pour in the seasoning sauce you just mixed and stir fry a few times, then add the filtered onion soup

Grilled Cuttlefish recipe

9. Pour in the boiled cuttlefish and stir fry

Grilled Cuttlefish recipe

10. Finally, the sauce can be collected over medium heat

Grilled Cuttlefish recipe


The taste is spicy and slightly sweet, and the sauce is fragrant and resistant to aftertaste. The amount of boiled onion soup depends on the taste of the sauce, I probably used 100ml


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