Huang Jihuang Seafood Three Sauce Stew Pot (home Edition)

Huang Jihuang Seafood Three Sauce Stew Pot (home Edition)

by Autumn Food Studio

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Everyone likes Huang Jihuang's three-juice stew pot, but making it at home is a problem. I have sorted out your foodie questions, let’s have a quick question and answer to solve this problem all at once:

Q: What kind of pot can I use to keep the pot?
A: A flat-bottomed non-stick pan is the best, and it must have a tightly sealed lid. In addition, add some base oil before putting the ingredients, cooking oil will do.
(Don’t use the big wok for cooking, really, please)

Q: Do I need to add water when braising?
A: There is really no need to add water. The braising pot is to simmer the moisture in the vegetable ingredients, and then simmer the ingredients. Add water and it becomes a stew pot. In addition, it is best not to use too many leafy vegetables, mainly root vegetables.
(Every time someone is holding a half pot and simmering and telling me why the taste is different from the stew pot in the store, I want to say that it is not a dish, um)

Q: Why is the sauce I made not sticky enough (or too sticky)?
A: Whether the sauce is thick or not depends on two points, one is the amount of starch in the water starch, and the other is the cooking time and the frequency of stirring. Generally speaking, the ratio of water to starch is 1 part of starch: 3 parts of water, poured into the sauce in batches, stirring constantly, until the sauce has a large area of bubbles, then turn off the heat and let it stand.
(The key point is that the sauce must be boiled before it can be used, not directly poured out of the bottle and spread on the ingredients)

Q: How many spoons of sauce is appropriate?
A: It's completely according to personal taste, my friends, it's hard to adjust! The scientific collocation is 50 grams of sauce for 1 catty of ingredients, but I personally have a light taste, and only use 4 scoops (60 grams) for 2 catties of ingredients, which tastes good.

Q: For other questions, please follow the bottom tips.

The next thing I will introduce to you is the large seafood stew pot made with special fragrant spicy sauce and spicy black bean sauce in the Huang Ji Huang Yi Juice Dishes series. It is simple and easy to learn, and the sauce is versatile. (This is a stew pot for 4 people)


Huang Jihuang Seafood Three Sauce Stew Pot (home Edition)

1. Prepare ingredients: Peel and cut root vegetables into pieces, cut garlic on both ends, stir the vegetables with 3 tablespoons of spicy black bean sauce, and set aside; wash and drain the prawns and cuttlefish, cut the squid into rings, cut open the intestines Chopped and set aside

Huang Jihuang Seafood Three Sauce Stew Pot (home Edition) recipe

2. Prepare the sauce: pour 200ml water + 5 spoons of special spicy sauce into the pot, mix evenly, boil over medium heat and turn to low heat, use 2 spoons of starch to add 3 times the water to prepare a water starch for use;

Huang Jihuang Seafood Three Sauce Stew Pot (home Edition) recipe

3. Simmer the sauce: keep the fire low, pour water starch in the sauce water in batches, stir for about 2-3 minutes, the sauce bubbling over a large area can turn off the heat, set aside

Huang Jihuang Seafood Three Sauce Stew Pot (home Edition) recipe

4. Place the ingredients: pour the bottom oil into the pot, place the marinated vegetable ingredients, do not press tightly, and then put the meat ingredients on top of the vegetables, you can put a nice shape

Huang Jihuang Seafood Three Sauce Stew Pot (home Edition) recipe

5. Three braising: cover, simmer on high heat for 8 minutes, turn to low heat and open the lid, quickly and evenly spread the sauce, then cover, simmer on medium heat for 3 minutes, turn to low heat and open the lid, add coriander, and keep Simmer on low heat for 1 minute, turn off the heat

Huang Jihuang Seafood Three Sauce Stew Pot (home Edition) recipe

6. How to eat the stew pot: a pot of fragrant and extremely "fresh" stew pot is ready, you need to stir it before eating to make the taste blend more natural

Huang Jihuang Seafood Three Sauce Stew Pot (home Edition) recipe


1. The sauce must be diluted with water during use, because the sauce is a concentrated compound condiment, and its own taste cannot be exerted if it is not diluted. The ratio of general sauce with water: about 500 grams of ingredients, diluted with 50 grams of sauce + 150 grams of water for later use. (Can be adjusted according to your own situation)
2. Cut the vegetables into diamond-shaped pieces or large cubes, which are convenient for tasting. The gap space created by the shape during braising can make the hot air circulate and make the ingredients easier to simmer.
3. Cut off both ends of the garlic, and you need to expose the hollow part in the middle, so that it will be easier to cook and taste better.
4. In the water starch needed to make the sauce, the ratio of starch to water is about (1:3), dilute it and set aside.
5. Braising pot: Use a non-stick pot. It must have a well-sealed lid, and a transparent lid is better.
6. Note: Do not add water during the braising process, because water has already been added during the sauce; try not to use leafy vegetables, because leafy vegetables produce too much water too quickly, which will affect the overall taste.


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