Cuttlefish Ribs and Yam Soup

Cuttlefish Ribs and Yam Soup

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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As the temperature drops, autumn tonic has become the focus of everyone's discussion! In their spare time, colleagues are discussing what to eat in autumn is good for health.

In fact, what you want to say is good for your body, but it varies from person to person. There is no one kind of food in the world that is perfect. If you want to be good, the symptom is the most important, and you can eat whatever your body lacks. This is the most effective.

People call it "women's food", the disadvantage is that it is a bit expensive! Tonic in autumn, women don't want to bear it!
In a family, it is inseparable from the hard work of women. Not only do they have to go to work to make money like men, but also there are a lot of housework when they return home. Three meals a day are hard work. When people reach middle age, all the women really become supermen! Whatever you eat and drink, you only have what your husband likes and what your children like. What about yourself? If the child’s husband has leftovers, just eat something!

But, really don't think of yourself as a superman. After the age of thirty, your body is slowly beginning to fail! The conditioning should be done well. During this period of time, Meimei gave herself a stew pot of nutritious soup every three to five times, and she has the right to reward herself!
​Autumn tonic, this soup is the best for women! The method is simple and the taste is very fresh!

The main ingredient of this soup is cuttlefish. Speaking of cuttlefish, everyone knows that cuttlefish has high nutritional value and is especially suitable for women to eat. Cuttlefish has the effects of aphrodisiac, nourishing blood, nourishing the kidney, strengthening the stomach and regulating qi. For women, cuttlefish is a good health product. It not only contains amino acids that can lower cholesterol, but also prevents arteriosclerosis. It also contains a lot of bezoar, which can inhibit the cholesterol content in the blood, relieve fatigue, restore vision, and improve liver function. For women, the liver is innate, and the liver function is coordinated, and the female body can coordinate. Regardless of the various stages of pregnancy and lactation, the consumption of cuttlefish can supplement the body needs of women at all stages, and has the effects of nourishing blood, improving eyesight, regulating menstruation, and preventing bleeding and promoting lactation.

Autumn is the season when cuttlefish are on the market. Eating cuttlefish in autumn is especially nourishing for women. Braised in brown sauce, stir-fried, braised, stewed, or cold dressing can be used as soup, but to prevent autumn dryness, cuttlefish soup is more appropriate. It is best to match meat foods to nourish yin and promote fluids, and eating together can also play a complementary role in protein.

[Cuttlefish Spare Ribs and Yam Soup] With meat and vegetables, it is fragrant and nourishing. Let’s take a look at the specific method:


Cuttlefish Ribs and Yam Soup

1. Dried cuttlefish should be hair-processed before cooking. Just soak in clean water during hair-processing. Usually, it is soaked for half an hour and then removed and washed, and then put in boiling water and boiled for 5 minutes. Since the cuttlefish are of different sizes, it is better to have no hard cores for soaking.

Cuttlefish Ribs and Yam Soup recipe

2. Cut the ribs into sections, put a few slices of ginger and a little cooking wine in a pot under cold water, boil off the foam.

Cuttlefish Ribs and Yam Soup recipe

3. Remove the blanched ribs, rinse them well, and drain the water for later use.

Cuttlefish Ribs and Yam Soup recipe

4. Cut the prepared cuttlefish into shreds and break the cuttlefish bones into pieces.

Cuttlefish Ribs and Yam Soup recipe

5. Pour the ribs, cuttlefish and cuttlefish bones into the pot, and add the water soaked in the ingredients. Cuttlefish bones are stewed together in the soup, which can play a role in improving freshness.

Cuttlefish Ribs and Yam Soup recipe

6. I use Zhenmi UFO rice cooker pressure cooker. This rice cooker is both an electric rice cooker and a pressure cooker. It comes with two inner pots, which can intelligently identify the required program. When the pressure cooker inner pot is put in, the pressure cooker is displayed. program of. I choose the stew button. A standard stew button is 50 minutes. The pressure cooker can automatically adjust the time according to the amount of ingredients. Use this pot to cook the soup without worrying about the ingredients being burned!

Cuttlefish Ribs and Yam Soup recipe

7. After about half an hour, manually exhaust.

Cuttlefish Ribs and Yam Soup recipe

8. Put the yam in, close the lid again, and finish the remaining time. The Zhenmi UFO rice cooker pressure cooker can automatically exhaust the air in the middle. This function is really great. You can put ingredients of different textures in stages, so you don’t have to worry about becoming a mess.

Cuttlefish Ribs and Yam Soup recipe

9. When the time is up, the fragrant pork ribs, cuttlefish and yam stewed can be cooked! The cuttlefish rib soup is very fresh, just add a little salt to season it, you can also add a little pepper, a little bit spicy will make you more appetite.

Cuttlefish Ribs and Yam Soup recipe


The cuttlefish and ribs must be processed separately in advance, so that the stewed soup has no peculiar smell and is refreshing and fragrant.
The yam should be put in the last, and it should be simmered for about 20 minutes. When the ribs soup is stewed, this kind of roots and stems should be added in the last, so that it will not be simmered.


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