Curry Fried Rice

Curry Fried Rice

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There is also curcumin in curry, which is a hot spot in the research of natural anti-tumor drugs. It is healthy, simple and delicious. It is a fast-handed dish that I often make during my treatment.


Curry Fried Rice

1. The prepared ingredients, because curry powder is not available, the curry cubes used are recommended to be not too spicy if it is for cancer patients. It is best to choose slightly spicy curry ingredients.

Curry Fried Rice recipe

2. Dice meat, potatoes, and onions. If you like to eat carrots, you can also dice and add them.

Curry Fried Rice recipe

3. Put the oil in the pan, add the diced meat after the oil is hot, stir fry and add garlic slices and stir

Curry Fried Rice recipe

4. After the diced meat is cooked, add the diced onion and the diced potato and stir fry together

Curry Fried Rice recipe

5. After the potatoes have turned golden brown, add two curry cubes, add an appropriate amount of water (about half a bowl of water, don't overwhelm the vegetable), and continue to stir-fry. According to your own taste, you can add some very fresh taste, but it is not recommended to be too salty.

Curry Fried Rice recipe

6. Stir well and soften the diced potatoes, add rice and stir fry

Curry Fried Rice recipe

7. When the rice and vegetables are evenly stir-fried, they can be served

Curry Fried Rice recipe


The diced potatoes should be cooked carefully, and the amount should be very fresh.


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