Curry Shrimp

Curry Shrimp

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Shrimp and curry are cooked together. It is spicy and tender and appetizing. It is a favorite for the elderly and children.


Curry Shrimp

1. Prepare the ingredients, process the garlic cloves, celery, chili, and ginger, and chop all of them for later use;

Curry Shrimp recipe

2. Cut off the shrimp legs and silk, pick out the shrimp thread, wash and set aside

Curry Shrimp recipe

3. Heat the pan, pour the cooking oil, and saute the garlic, celery stalk, and ginger until fragrant;

Curry Shrimp recipe

4. Then pour the shrimp into the fire and fry a few times

Curry Shrimp recipe

5. Put the curry paste, put half a bowl of water in the bowl, add starch in the water, mix well, pour it into the pot, cook until the soup thickens

Curry Shrimp recipe

6. Then add a little salt, sprinkle the coriander, and mix well.

Curry Shrimp recipe


The curry paste thickens quickly, and the amount of water must be added, otherwise it will stick to the pot.


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