Cantonese Sausage Claypot Rice

Cantonese Sausage Claypot Rice

by Yaoyao Original Food Class

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Food for one person, what would you choose? My favorite is the claypot rice, the pork ribs, the beef and the chicken. I can drool when I think about it. Claypot rice sold outside is difficult to buy delicious, it is better to do it yourself, the ingredients are abundant, clean and simple and convenient. Making claypot rice is really a delicious dish that requires no skill. A bowl of claypot rice with soul requires high-quality silk rice, and secondly, a good casserole. The casserole must have fine and fine pottery and good air permeability. , The glaze should be smooth, and the anti-sticking effect should be good. I use this black casserole from Kunbo factory. It not only satisfies the essentials of claypot rice casserole, but also has the advantage of being dry and cold for a long time without breaking. It is safer to cook claypot rice. Since the Heile casserole uses more diamond-grade porcelain stone in the casserole industry-Zimbabwe feldspar, it also releases a large amount of far-infrared rays when heated, which can make the food more delicious and fragrant.


Cantonese Sausage Claypot Rice

1. Clean the casserole, blow dry the water, and brush a layer of oil on the bottom. Pour in the silk seedlings soaked in advance, add a spoon of oil and stir. The water is half a knuckle above the surface of the rice. Soak the silk seedlings for 40 minutes in advance.

Cantonese Sausage Claypot Rice recipe

2. Put the casserole on the fire and boil on high heat. The black music casserole has good thermal conductivity, and the fire can be adjusted to the minimum when it is about to boil.

Cantonese Sausage Claypot Rice recipe

3. Sliced sausage for later use

Cantonese Sausage Claypot Rice recipe

4. Cucumbers can also be cut into diamond-shaped slices. Vegetables can also be used. Cucumbers are fragrant. It is also a good choice to add claypot rice.

Cantonese Sausage Claypot Rice recipe

5. Cook until there is no water in the rice, add the sausage when there are some holes, and continue to simmer for two minutes on low heat

Cantonese Sausage Claypot Rice recipe

6. Beat in two eggs, close the lid and simmer for 3 minutes.

Cantonese Sausage Claypot Rice recipe

7. Put the cucumbers, drizzle with the sauce, turn off the heat and simmer for 5 minutes with the remaining heat.

Cantonese Sausage Claypot Rice recipe

8. Open the lid, sprinkle with chopped green onions, and the fragrant claypot rice is ready to be eaten!

Cantonese Sausage Claypot Rice recipe


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