Deep-sea Fish Dumplings

Deep-sea Fish Dumplings

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Delicious but dumplings, a plate of warm and delicious dumplings, give you a sense of happiness for your taste buds!


Deep-sea Fish Dumplings

1. I bought several pieces of quick-frozen fish at the fresh counter of the supermarket. After thawing, the fish skin was removed and the fish puree was chopped.

Deep-sea Fish Dumplings recipe

2. The fresh shrimps you bought can be shelled, and you can use the shrimps. If you want to go to the shrimp thread, put them in the fish and chop them together.

Deep-sea Fish Dumplings recipe

3. After the scallops are thawed, put them in the fish and chop them together

Deep-sea Fish Dumplings recipe

4. Be patient, and chop it for about 30-40 minutes before it will be more delicate.

Deep-sea Fish Dumplings recipe

5. Grab a small handful of pepper, pour it into boiling water, soak for 5-10 minutes, then pour in the fish fillings, and put in the minced ginger, a little rice wine, and half a piece of soy tofu. Stir evenly, be sure to stir in one direction.

Deep-sea Fish Dumplings recipe

6. Remember not to chop leeks. One cut is one cut. You can cut the leek particles as small as possible.

Deep-sea Fish Dumplings recipe

7. Mix the noodles with hot water. If you want to be softer, add a little bit of water to the noodles and cover with a damp cloth.

Deep-sea Fish Dumplings recipe

8. Cut the leeks and add the fish, seasonings with a little olive oil, a little soy sauce, and a little salt. Add the pork filling and stir in a fixed direction until the meat is fully uniform and the vegetables and meat are fused together.

Deep-sea Fish Dumplings recipe

9. Roll skin, bag.

Deep-sea Fish Dumplings recipe

10. Fish dumplings are the best to eat hot!

Deep-sea Fish Dumplings recipe


Delicious but dumplings, a plate of warm and delicious dumplings will give you a sense of happiness for your taste buds!


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