Pumpkin Multigrain Porridge

Pumpkin Multigrain Porridge

by Tak Shou Su Kitchen

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Deoksho Kitchen recommends pumpkin porridge with mixed grains~

Pumpkin Multigrain Porridge

1. Prepare the right amount of ingredients according to the number of people

Pumpkin Multigrain Porridge recipe

2. Cut pumpkin into electric pressure cooker

Pumpkin Multigrain Porridge recipe

3. Put all the ingredients in the pot

Pumpkin Multigrain Porridge recipe

4. Add appropriate amount of water

Pumpkin Multigrain Porridge recipe

5. Press the porridge button and wait for it to be eaten (according to the different brands of household appliances and pressure cookers, set the time according to actual conditions)

Pumpkin Multigrain Porridge recipe


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