Mushroom Soup Hot Pot

Mushroom Soup Hot Pot

by Peach

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After the "Beginning of Winter" solar terms, the weather in the north is getting colder every day, so I want to eat something hot and warm. Hot pot dishes are the best warm-up dishes in winter.
Entering the winter, you should eat some meat that nourishes the vitality and blood, such as lamb, which is very suitable for warming up the body in winter. My family likes to eat lamb, fresh lamb slices, and add it to the hot soup. Shabu-boil, dip in the sesame sauce and eat it, not to mention how fragrant it is! Coupled with Knorr's Mushroom Soup Pot Base, it's really fresh and fresh!


Mushroom Soup Hot Pot

1. First prepare the hot pot soup base, first put in a piece of Knorr Mushroom Soup Soup Bao, pour in the water, add your favorite mushrooms, jujube, wolfberry, etc., turn on the hot pot, and start to boil the soup base;

Mushroom Soup Hot Pot recipe

2. Wash the white radish, peel it, and cut into half-round slices;

Mushroom Soup Hot Pot recipe

3. Pick and wash the lettuce and chrysanthemum chrysanthemum;

Mushroom Soup Hot Pot recipe

4. Remove the roots of the seafood mushrooms and wash them;

Mushroom Soup Hot Pot recipe

5. Start mixing the dipping ingredients: put sesame sauce, oyster sauce, salt, and sugar in a bowl, add cold boiled water little by little, and mix to a suitable thin consistency;

Mushroom Soup Hot Pot recipe

6. After the soup base in the hot pot is boiled, add sliced lamb, greens and other dipping sauces for consumption.

Mushroom Soup Hot Pot recipe


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