Diced Radish Kimchi

Diced Radish Kimchi

by hongtanye

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Diced Radish Kimchi

1. Wash the white radish, scrape off the skin, and cut into 2.5 cm square pieces

Diced Radish Kimchi recipe

2. Put it in a container, sprinkle large grains of salt on the surface of the radishes, stir it, pickle for about 30 minutes, and control the moisture in the radishes

Diced Radish Kimchi recipe

3. Put the radish in another container, sprinkle the thick chili noodles and fine chili noodles, add pear juice, ginger juice, rock sugar, stir and mix well.

Diced Radish Kimchi recipe

4. The prepared radish kimchi can be eaten right away, but it will taste better if it is marinated for a day in an airtight box and placed at room temperature.

Diced Radish Kimchi recipe


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