Digestive Radish Soup

Digestive Radish Soup

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The WeChat public account "Baby Nutritional Supplements" contains 500 nutritional supplements I have made for my baby. With these 500 supplementary food recipes, I no longer have to worry about what my baby will eat. Xiaosi's mother will share baby food supplements for 6-24 months in this public account.

After adding supplementary food to the baby, in addition to worrying that the baby does not like to eat, he will also worry about the baby's food accumulation. If the baby has dry stools, bad breath, etc., it may be food accumulation.

Although babies who do not like to eat do not necessarily mean that they have accumulated food, do babies who have accumulated food have the symptom that they do not like to eat? In the early stage of the baby's food accumulation, it is best to treat it with diet therapy, such as using three ingredients that promote digestion to cook a digestive radish soup.

White radish and hawthorn are both very good therapeutic ingredients. White radish can accelerate intestinal peristalsis, increase appetite, and help digestion. Hawthorn helps the baby's digestion, can treat gastrointestinal accumulation and indigestion, can appetite and strengthen the spleen, and increase appetite.


Digestive Radish Soup

1. Prepare ingredients: 60g white radish, 3g tangerine peel, 10g hawthorn slices.

PS: Although there is no rock sugar in the ingredient list, if the baby feels that the finished product is a bit sour, you can add a little less rock sugar to adjust.

Digestive Radish Soup recipe

2. Sliced white radish.

PS: Cut the white radish into thin slices.

Digestive Radish Soup recipe

3. Soak the tangerine peel for 20 minutes to remove the floating ash on the surface of the tangerine peel and hawthorn, and then clean the tangerine peel.

PS: Tangerine peel contains limonin, which has a mild taste and is easy to dissolve in water. In addition, tangerine peel also contains volatile oil, hesperidin, vitamin B, C and other ingredients, which can promote the secretion of baby's digestive juice, eliminate gas in the intestines, and increase appetite.

Digestive Radish Soup recipe

4. Hawthorn slices are processed in the same way as tangerine peel.

PS: The method of cleaning hawthorn is the same as that of tangerine peel. If you can't buy fresh hawthorn, you can go to the drugstore to see if you can buy dried hawthorn slices and tangerine peel.

Digestive Radish Soup recipe

5. Pour all the ingredients into the pot.

Digestive Radish Soup recipe

6. Add about 600ml of water.

PS: Although the amount of water added is not fixed, I have tried it several times and feel that the amount of water is relatively moderate. If there is too little water, the boiled hawthorn radish water will be thicker, and babies don't like to drink it.

Digestive Radish Soup recipe

7. After the high heat is boiled, turn to low heat and continue to cook for 10-15 minutes.

Digestive Radish Soup recipe

8. Isn’t this very simple? You can take it out and give it to your baby after it’s cooked. This drink is only suitable for soup, don’t eat the ingredients in it.

Digestive Radish Soup recipe


Xiaosi’s mother also especially emphasizes the storage method. The temperature is slowly rising. This soup needs to be stored in the refrigerator. When drinking, bring it to room temperature in advance (it is best not to cover the lid, there will be a thicker radish) Smell). And make sure to finish the drink on the same day, otherwise it will break easily.


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