Dirty Milk Tea

Dirty Milk Tea

by Angel falling to earth

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I seem to have never bought milk tea outside, because the raw materials are not assured. Creamer and non-dairy creamer sound scary. Sometimes I want to drink it and make it at home. The method is quite simple, but it is usually easy to heat milk with a milk pot. The color, aroma, taste and nutrition of the milk will be greatly reduced when the milk is boiled, paste bottom and crust.
When I heard that milk tea machines are popular nowadays, I thought about milk tea machines? It can be replaced with a pot, why buy a milk tea machine to make milk tea? Even began to feel that it was a superfluous machine.
After I received the Lemon Milk Tea Machine, I understood the meaning of its existence by using it.
1. This machine first has a tea filter. Although I put tea bags when I use the pot to cook, sometimes there will be tea dregs coming out, which affects the taste and vision. The filter of the lemon milk tea machine solves this problem. In addition to tea bags, tea can also be used.
2. There is a rotating stirring device at the bottom, which keeps stirring during the cooking process, which can make the pearl and milk tea keep moving, so that the taste is even, and the taste is smoother after the drink is fully in contact with the air.
3. It only heats and does not boil, which not only retains the nutrients of the milk, but also does not cause the milk skin to affect its appearance. It can be drunk after it is cooked, and it will not burn the mouth.
4. In addition to milk tea with both coffee and flower nectar functions, the body is light and compact, and it is convenient to carry on business trips or in the office, and you can drink milk tea anytime, anywhere.
5. The magnetic suction used in the stirrer can be taken out when cleaning the machine and put on when it is used.

The above is its uniqueness. Compared with a pot or a kettle, professional is professional, and the milk tea made is delicious. Don't want it. Others will ask if there is any noise. My personal feeling is that there is basically no sound and it can be ignored.

Dirty Milk Tea

1. Prepare the ingredients.

Dirty Milk Tea recipe

2. Put the black tea bag into the tea strainer, and remember to remove the solitaire.

Dirty Milk Tea recipe

3. Pour purified water into the milk tea machine.

Dirty Milk Tea recipe

4. Pour black and white evaporated milk.

Dirty Milk Tea recipe

5. Turn on the milk tea function.

Dirty Milk Tea recipe

6. Non-boiled pearls are soaked in boiling water to soften them.

Dirty Milk Tea recipe

7. First find a container to pour the cooked milk tea, and pour the milk into the milk tea machine.

Dirty Milk Tea recipe

8. Heat and stir a little milk froth.

Dirty Milk Tea recipe

9. Put the pearl into the bottom of the cup.

Dirty Milk Tea recipe

10. Put a little water in the milk pan, pour in brown sugar, simmer until thick and turn off the heat.

Dirty Milk Tea recipe

11. Hang the brown sugar liquid on the edge of the cup.

Dirty Milk Tea recipe

12. Pour in the brewed milk tea.

Dirty Milk Tea recipe

13. Pour milk froth on top.

Dirty Milk Tea recipe


1 There is no fixed pattern for the ratio of water to milk. If there is more milk, the milk will taste good, and if there is more water, the tea will be fragrant. According to personal preference.
2 The maximum water level of the machine is about 400ml capacity.
3 If you don't like pearls, you can leave it alone. If you like pearls, you can put more. You can also use oats, red beans, sago, coconut nuts, etc. instead.


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