Doraemon Icing Cookies

Doraemon Icing Cookies

by Zero Zero Baking

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For Lele’s birthday, he made some icing biscuits for him and asked him to share with his friends. Each child had one piece. Lele was happy to see such a beautiful cookie. He went home and told me that everyone shared it. One piece, I still have three pieces myself, I only ate one piece, and there are two pieces in the bag to eat tomorrow. This is the rhythm of reluctant eating.
The prepared biscuits were sent to the circle of friends. I didn’t expect the cute cartoon style to be loved by everyone. It seems that there are still many children who are like me. Many people asked me how to do it, and finally sorted it out.
The most important thing to do is to be patient and careful. It takes time to dry the icing. It is best to prepare it two or three days in advance.
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Doraemon Icing Cookies

1. For how to make biscuits, please refer to my previous article "Icing Sugar Biscuit Embryo Fondant Biscuit Embryo"
The ingredients for making icing biscuits are: powdered sugar, protein powder, food coloring, warm water

Doraemon Icing Cookies recipe

2. Put the powdered sugar and protein powder in a bowl

Doraemon Icing Cookies recipe

3. Add water and add water twice to avoid observing the state. After adding it, stir it with a spoon. It is very thick and not flowing. After adding water, the volume will become much smaller. I made 30 biscuits for this amount of icing, too little is not easy to beat, so it is still recommended not to reduce the amount

Doraemon Icing Cookies recipe

4. Then use an electric whisk to beat hard. Lifting the whisk will have firm corners, the color will become white, and the volume will become larger. The frosting is ready. This frosting is in a relatively hard state. When you do it later, Mix with water as needed to turn into frosting in different states

Doraemon Icing Cookies recipe

5. Let’s start making the pattern of the Ding Dong cat. Dig a spoonful of the frosted frosting, add food coloring and water to mix well to make the desired color and softness. The blue of Ding Dong cat is not sky blue. You can use sky blue and Tune it purple. When making frosting, the frosting should not be too hard when the area is large. The frosting disappears and melts in 5-10 seconds after dripping, so you need to add more water. The black color of the hook line is required to be relatively hard, but it needs to be squeezed out smoothly. The frosting state can be gently pulled up to form a curved corner. No matter what kind of hard frosting, it is best to add a small amount of water several times to avoid over-adding.

Doraemon Icing Cookies recipe

6. Use a food coloring pen to draw the desired pattern on the biscuits, prepare the icing for the black hook line, and put it into a piping bag with a piping mouth. I used Wilton's No. 1 flower mouth. It is best to use a flower mouth when threading, so that the squeeze out will be more smooth and even

Doraemon Icing Cookies recipe

7. Use black icing to draw the drawn lines, and then dry them, be sure to dry them before proceeding to the next step

Doraemon Icing Cookies recipe

8. Then squeeze the blue icing. The blue icing can be squeezed directly with the piping bag without a flower mouth. The opening of the piping bag cannot and cannot be cut too large. The squeezed line is slightly thicker than the black.

Doraemon Icing Cookies recipe

9. After squeezing, use a frosting needle to gently push the blue frosting around in a circular motion to push the frosting away and evenly. Be careful not to poke the black lines and the cookies at the bottom when circularizing, without stirring. Needles can be replaced with toothpicks

Doraemon Icing Cookies recipe

10. After the blue is painted, the even surface of the icing will be smoother. Be careful when you move the biscuit, especially where there are painted icing around, your hands are easy to stick to the icing

Doraemon Icing Cookies recipe

11. The same method is used to draw white again. White does not need to be added with food coloring. Just mix it with water and add white. After the blue is painted, it is fine to add white without drying. There is a black edge in the middle, so the color will not cross.

Doraemon Icing Cookies recipe

12. Paint the other colors in the same way so that the biscuits are shaped

Doraemon Icing Cookies recipe

13. Three of the colors are biscuit colors. If you feel that they are not uniform, you can fill them with white. The dots on the top are filled with white and squeeze them directly with red to melt them together. You can squeeze out the dots and stir. Just draw the needle from top to bottom from the middle

Doraemon Icing Cookies recipe

14. The eyes of the two kissed biscuits are too small and only the whites of the eyes are filled. You can use food coloring pens to draw the eyes after the biscuits are completely dried.

Doraemon Icing Cookies recipe


1. Be very careful when operating icing biscuits, and some steps need to be completely dried in the previous step. The large area of the background color icing takes a long time to dry, and you can leave it overnight.
2. To dry the frosting, you can put it in a sealed container, put a desiccant, or preheat the oven at 80 degrees, turn it off after preheating, and then put the frosting biscuits into the dry
3. The state of the icing is adjusted according to the needs of the pattern. Generally, it will be easy to hold after adjusting it a few times;
4. The prepared icing biscuits must be sealed and dried for storage.


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