Dragon Fruit Fish with Cold Salad

Dragon Fruit Fish with Cold Salad

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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Summer is the season of exposing the flesh and legs, and it is also the season for women. Women with good figures look beautiful in everything, but many women can only be greedy, and only oneself can understand the infinite troubles caused by cellulite. Women, why is there such a big difference, ladies who have been unable to lose weight, may wish to spend 5 minutes to read this article, teach you a delicious food, eat it in summer to lose weight quickly, 1 bowl is equivalent to half a run Hours, stick to January, lose 10 catties even! To help you easily dump the meat, don't miss the good summer time, put on the beautiful summer clothes!
It’s said that weight loss is a woman’s lifelong goal. Why do some people say that they lose weight when they lose weight? Some people lose weight and get fatter. Did you know that shaving oil also has a trick. If you want to lose weight, you must be good. method. For bowel cleansing and oil scraping to be successful, exercise and diet are indispensable. This is what we often say "control your mouth and open your legs". But exercise alone is not enough. A lot of exercise will turn the flesh into muscle, which is not very good-looking. 3 points depend on practice and 7 points depend on eating. For a slender woman for several years, she will not blindly go on a diet to lose weight. Because excessive dieting is not only useless for health, but also difficult to persist. When you eat a little bit, your weight will immediately rebound. Therefore, choosing the right food for weight loss is the key. It’s no boast that Meimei is over 30 this year, but my friends say that I’m just like a girl. My height is 163 and my waist circumference has always been around 1.9. It’s like a clothes rack. Every time I buy clothes, every upper body is the same. It's so beautiful, my colleagues are very envious.

In fact, after giving birth, I also got fat for a while, and my highest weight reached 148! However, I managed to lose weight in only half a year, and I was thinner than before I had a baby, and my clothes were back to size M. Meimei’s key to weight loss is not exercise, and did not deliberately go on a diet during the weight loss period, but paid great attention to the maintenance of the diet. Look at my weight loss recipe and you will understand. During the weight loss period, various low-calorie fruits are good ingredients every day. It can be said that it is the secret weapon to make women thin and beautiful.

Everyone knows that when you just eat fruits or vegetables when you lose weight, you always feel hungry the more you eat, so you should pay a little attention to the practice. When you lose weight, you also need starchy foods. This food for cleansing the intestines and scraping oil. The combination of ingredients is very particular. It makes you not only thin, but also your skin becomes hydrated. It is simple and delicious. On weekends, you can make more of it and freeze it in the refrigerator at one time. During the cleansing and scraping, it can be used as Breakfast can also be used as dinner, or if you eat less dinner, it is also good to pad your stomach when you feel hungry. Eat it in summer and lose weight quickly. One bowl is equivalent to half an hour of running. If you stick to it for one month, you will lose 10 pounds!

Dragon Fruit Fish with Cold Salad

1. The ingredients are ready. Adding tapioca starch will give you the taste of Q bombs. It is not recommended to change to other flours. If you want to change the ingredients, then change to potato starch or corn starch. The taste will be a little different.

Eating some cassava flour in moderation will not cause obesity, because cassava is mainly starch, cellulose, and a small amount of sugar. There are almost no fat-causing ingredients in cassava. It is beneficial to eat some starch appropriately during weight loss.

Dragon Fruit Fish with Cold Salad recipe

2. The dragon fruit is peeled and mashed. Add tapioca starch and knead it into a delicate dough by hand. The dragon fruit is large or small, so the powder is added slowly according to the feel, fine powder is added, and the dragon fruit flesh is added when it is dried.

​Pitaya is low in calories and rich in water-soluble fiber. It will swell to produce a gelatinous substance when absorbed by water and stay in the stomach for a long time, thereby prolonging the feeling of fullness and having a good weight loss effect. Pitaya is rich in vitamin C, which has a good beauty and whitening effect. In addition, pitaya is also rich in anthocyanins, which has a strong anti-aging effect. When women eat more when they lose weight, they can lose weight and become beautiful. It really kills two birds with one stone.

Dragon Fruit Fish with Cold Salad recipe

3. Break a bunch of pitaya puree, put it on the chopping board and rub it into a thumb-thick strip.

Dragon Fruit Fish with Cold Salad recipe

4. Cut into small doses with a spatula.

Dragon Fruit Fish with Cold Salad recipe

5. Slightly squeeze the small agent and place it in the palm of your hand to form a bulging fish in the middle of the two pointed ends, and place it on a dish sprinkled with dry powder for later use. .

Dragon Fruit Fish with Cold Salad recipe

6. After washing the cucumber, cut it into thin strips, and cut the young ginger into thin strips. However, cucumber is a cold food, 96% of its ingredients are water, which can dispel residual heat in the body and has the effect of dispelling heat and detoxification. Cucumber and dragon fruit in this dish are relatively cold. Most women have cold physique. The diet is too high to ignore the body, so a sufficient amount of shredded ginger is deliberately matched with a neutral effect.

Dragon Fruit Fish with Cold Salad recipe

7. Put the kneaded dragon fruit fish into a pot of boiling water and cook on high heat. The cooked fish will float up, the surface will be crystal clear, and the volume will increase obviously, which means that the fish is well cooked.

Dragon Fruit Fish with Cold Salad recipe

8. Scoop out the cooked dragon fruit fish.

Dragon Fruit Fish with Cold Salad recipe

9. Soak in cool boiling water to prevent fish from sticking.

Dragon Fruit Fish with Cold Salad recipe

10. All the ingredients are ready, and you can start mixing. When making cold vegetables, remember to put oil first to lock the moisture on the surface of the vegetables. The cold vegetables will not be watery, and the mixed vegetables are especially watery. Use sesame oil instead of vegetable oil, which is refreshing and fragrant.

Dragon Fruit Fish with Cold Salad recipe

11. After mixing the sesame oil, add it to the light soy sauce. The light soy sauce also contains salt. Be sure to add it after adding the oil and mixing well.

Dragon Fruit Fish with Cold Salad recipe

12. Add the small red pepper rings and minced garlic, add some salt, a little rice vinegar, and mix well.

Dragon Fruit Fish with Cold Salad recipe


Cold dishes are very simple to make, but you must pay attention to the small details. Put the oil first and then the salt to prevent the water in the vegetables from being salted out, which will affect the taste and appearance, and the nutrition will also be lost a lot. When making cold dishes and vegetable fillings, remember to put the oil first.


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