Dragon Fruit Pancakes

Dragon Fruit Pancakes

by Samsuŋ❤

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A few days ago, pitaya was on sale in the supermarket. I thought that the fruit was still relatively fresh, so I couldn’t help but buy a few. As a result, even when I took it home, my grandchildren didn't like it very much. I want to throw it away, but I feel a pity. So let's make pancakes.
The two grandsons of the prepared dragon fruit pancakes gave more face, and both rushed to eat them.


Dragon Fruit Pancakes

1. Prepare raw materials: flour, diced dragon fruit, corn oil, sugar, and water.

Dragon Fruit Pancakes recipe

2. Mix flour with dragon fruit and sugar.

Dragon Fruit Pancakes recipe

3. Add an appropriate amount of water, the water can be replaced with milk and other liquids.

Dragon Fruit Pancakes recipe

4. Stir the batter evenly.

Dragon Fruit Pancakes recipe

5. Brush the electric baking pan with corn oil and turn on the electricity.

Dragon Fruit Pancakes recipe

6. After the electric baking pan is successfully preheated, pour the batter into the electric baking pan.

Dragon Fruit Pancakes recipe

7. Close the lid and start the "Eclair/Pancake" program.

Dragon Fruit Pancakes recipe

8. When the electric baking pan sounds, the dragon fruit pancakes are ready.

Dragon Fruit Pancakes recipe

9. Take out the pancakes, cut into pieces and serve.

Dragon Fruit Pancakes recipe


The liquid used to make the pie can be replaced with your favorite liquid, such as milk, yogurt, etc.


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