Dried Fruit Apple Buns

Dried Fruit Apple Buns

by Mother Maizi

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I like to eat crispy apples. Recently, the unit issued a box of apples. They taste good, sweet and sour, just the kind that tastes rusty! This kind of apple will be a problem in our home!
Under the premise of not wasting, you should also eat happily! Of course, as a foodie, I can't be troubled by it! First of all, I thought of making some applesauce, which is more expensive! The second idea is to make some cinnamon and apple filling! I used it to make apple bread again today! "


Dried Fruit Apple Buns

1. In the post-oil method, put liquid milk and eggs first, then add salt and sugar

Dried Fruit Apple Buns recipe

2. Put high flour and yeast powder

Dried Fruit Apple Buns recipe

3. After a kneading process is over, add 25g of butter and continue to start the kneading process to the complete stage

Dried Fruit Apple Buns recipe

4. Use a bread machine to ferment to 2 times the size

Dried Fruit Apple Buns recipe

5. Make cinnamon and apple filling: put butter in a pot, melted on low heat, add apple cubes and 30 grams of sugar, stir well, then add 1/4 lemon juice, sprinkle in cinnamon powder, simmer for about 10 minutes, the juice is more More, I added some cornstarch to harvest the juice

Dried Fruit Apple Buns recipe

6. Add the raisins and dried cranberries soaked in rum in advance and mix well with the fruit dried apple filling. Set aside

Dried Fruit Apple Buns recipe

7. Press the fermented dough out of air by hand, divide it into 6 parts, and let it rest at room temperature for 15 minutes

Dried Fruit Apple Buns recipe

8. Take a dough and roll it out, put an appropriate amount of dried fruit and apple filling

Dried Fruit Apple Buns recipe

9. wrap up

Dried Fruit Apple Buns recipe

10. Roll slightly into an oval shape

Dried Fruit Apple Buns recipe

11. Brush the mold with butter in advance, put the wrapped in

Dried Fruit Apple Buns recipe

12. After 45 minutes of fermentation in the oven, take out and brush with egg liquid

Dried Fruit Apple Buns recipe

13. Bake at 180 degrees for 25 minutes in the preheated oven, add tin foil after coloring

Dried Fruit Apple Buns recipe

14. Demould after cooling slightly

Dried Fruit Apple Buns recipe


1. Apples can also be replaced with other fruits, such as pears, bananas, etc. It is best to use hard fruits, and the filling juice must be dried, if there is too much water, you can add a little cornstarch
2. The first time I use this mold, the amount is a little too much. Adjust the fermentation time by yourself


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