Large Egg recipes

Vanilla Sea Salt Chocolate Big Cookies

Arowana Pastry Wheat Flour, All-purpose Flour, Baking Soda

Oil-free Egg Biscuits

Low Powder, Large Egg, Caster Sugar

Milk-flavored Buns, Quick Snacks

Corn Starch, Low-gluten Flour, Baking Powder

Marble Cake Roll

Large Egg, Milk, Low-gluten Flour

Hong Kong Style Mara Cake

Large Egg, Brown Sugar, Low-gluten Flour

Chocolate Mocha Chiffon

Large Egg, Corn Oil, Nescafe Black Coffee

Almond Butter Toast

High-gluten Flour, Milk Powder, Salt

Chocolate Cupcakes

Large Egg, Low Powder, Milk

Chiffon Cake

Large Egg, Low-gluten Flour, Corn Starch

Tea Eggs-home-cooked Meals

Large Egg, Black Tea, Oolong Tea

Shiitake Mushroom Steamed Egg

Large Egg, Dried Shiitake Mushrooms, Salt

Hollow Chiffon Cake

Large Egg, Low Powder, Milk

Net Red Souffle Thick Muffins

Large Egg, Milk, Corn Oil

Baked Rice Cake with Coconut Milk

Glutinous Rice Flour, Coconut Milk, Large Egg

A Touch of Splendor in Summer ~ Colorful Cakes

Low-gluten Flour, Large Egg, Milk