Duck Soup Noodles

Duck Soup Noodles

by zimo

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The noodles boiled in water are too weak, and the noodles cooked in Laoya soup are particularly delicious! The leftover old duck soup on the New Year’s Eve dinner table will come in handy


Duck Soup Noodles

1. Laoya soup is delicious, and it is even more delicious when used to cook noodles! The detailed method of Laoya Tang is as follows:

Duck Soup Noodles recipe

2. Pour the right amount of water into the pot and bring it to a boil

Duck Soup Noodles recipe

3. Add the noodles, stir gently with chopsticks, turn off the heat when it boils again, and pour out all the water

Duck Soup Noodles recipe

4. Add duck soup, duck meat, a little salt

Duck Soup Noodles recipe

5. After the high heat is boiled, turn to low heat and simmer for two minutes, then add the small green vegetables and boil it.

Duck Soup Noodles recipe

6. The noodles absorb the umami flavor of the duck soup, it is really delicious!

Duck Soup Noodles recipe


1: All the noodles are braised in old duck soup, and the taste is more delicious.\n2: The duck soup is already salty, so put less salt in the noodles\n3: The duck soup has a lot of oil, so the noodles don’t need extra oil.


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