Dumpling Spring Rolls

Dumpling Spring Rolls

by Mother Maizi

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I like spring rolls very much, but the fillings and spring roll wrappers will not be right. Either a few more wrappers or more fillings! There are four more spring roll wrappers and no fillings. I want to use glutinous rice balls to wrap them. Homemade glutinous rice balls spring rolls!


Dumpling Spring Rolls

1. Frozen glutinous rice balls in the refrigerator, add water to the pot to boil

Dumpling Spring Rolls recipe

2. Put the glutinous rice balls in, boil, add cold water and cook until the glutinous rice balls float on the water, remove and set aside

Dumpling Spring Rolls recipe

3. Take a spring roll wrapper, put on glutinous rice balls, wrap it as usual

Dumpling Spring Rolls recipe

4. Heat oil in a pan, put the spring rolls in, and fry until golden brown on 2 sides

Dumpling Spring Rolls recipe

5. Just take it out and absorb the oil with kitchen paper, and eat it crispy, waxy and sweet in one bite.

Dumpling Spring Rolls recipe


It's crispy, glutinous, and sweet in one bite. It's really good! Lazy way!


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