Spring Pie with Leek Sprouts Stuffing

Spring Pie with Leek Sprouts Stuffing

by zimo

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Spring rolls, also known as spring cakes, pancakes. It is a traditional food in my hometown. There are also many proverbs about spring rolls, such as "A roll does not make spring", "Longshengtang's spring rolls---no people inside and outside" and so on. Spring means spring here, and there is a good sign of welcoming the spring. I like to make spring rolls and eat them early every day. It is as common as making dumplings during the northern festivals. The fillings are usually spring-specific fresh vegetables, such as leeks or shepherd’s purse, and then stir-fried with dried tofu, sweet potato vermicelli, minced pork, spring bamboo shoots, etc. The spring roll skin is kneaded with the finest flour and a little water and salt. Spread and bake it into a round crust in a pan, then spread the fried stuffing on the spring cake wrapper and roll it up, then fold the two ends and roll it tightly, dip the batter on the seal, and then fry or fry in the oil pan It can be golden yellow. The spring rolls are thin and crispy, with soft fillings and unique flavor. They are a seasonal dish in spring.


Spring Pie with Leek Sprouts Stuffing

1. The leek sprouts are first selected to remove the old and rotten leaves, then washed and drained, and then minced. The sweet potato vermicelli is crushed by hand (the vermicelli is relatively dry, and it is easy to form a powder when you grab and pinch) and soak in hot water. Clean the pork and fragrant dry clean and mince all.

Spring Pie with Leek Sprouts Stuffing recipe

2. Pour a slightly larger amount of vegetable oil into the pot and turn it on to heat. Turn off the heat. When the oil is warm, add the minced pork and stir fry. Use a spatula to scatter and stir-fry the minced meat. Soy sauce, soy sauce, stir fry evenly with salt. The purpose of turning off the heat after the oil is heated is that the minced meat will suddenly become a lump when it encounters a high temperature. So lower the oil temperature and then add the minced meat to fry, and this will not happen.

Spring Pie with Leek Sprouts Stuffing recipe

3. Turn to medium heat and pour the vermicelli soaked in soft and drained water. Stir fragrant dried diced for about a minute

Spring Pie with Leek Sprouts Stuffing recipe

4. Pour in the oil and stir fry evenly with the spicy sauce. Everyone in my family likes spicy, and they like to put some chili in all dishes. If you don't like spicy spicy sauce, replace it with non-spicy bean paste.

Spring Pie with Leek Sprouts Stuffing recipe

5. Finally, pour in the leek sprouts, mix well and turn off the heat. The leek sprouts should not be fried for too long, so as not to be fully cooked and yellow (if you don't mind eating MSG, you can put a little bit fresh before serving), put the filling into a large bowl, and stir up and down several times during the process to help distribute the oil Evenly, so as to prevent the oil in the filling from sinking to the bottom of the bowl, and there is no oil in the upper layer

Spring Pie with Leek Sprouts Stuffing recipe

6. When the fillings are cool, you can start making spring rolls! Take out a piece of skin and spread it on the dining table (the dining table is easy to operate, and a layer of plastic wrap is placed for cleanliness), and dig a large spoonful of stuffing and place it on the spring roll wrapper at the third place. The spring cake wrapper is eaten with the flour that is available at home. Guangguang, the supermarket was sold out, so I had to go to the vegetable market and bought the spring cake crust. The disadvantage is that the crust does not taste as good as the one made by myself, and the advantage is that it is convenient and fast.

Spring Pie with Leek Sprouts Stuffing recipe

7. Then use a spoon to evenly push out the long strips, cover the fillings with the spring roll wrappers from bottom to top, roll up again, fold the two spring roll wrappers inward, apply the paste on the seal, and then roll up and fold gently to press The method of making the batter is to pour boiling water into an appropriate amount of flour and keep stirring until it becomes viscous.

Spring Pie with Leek Sprouts Stuffing recipe

8. After all the spring rolls are done, put them in the fresh-keeping box and refrigerate them for two or three days. If you can't finish eating in a few days, you can store it in the freezer for a long time. When you want to eat it, you can take out the spring rolls the night before and put them on a plate, then put them in the refrigerator to thaw, and they can be fried the next morning.

Spring Pie with Leek Sprouts Stuffing recipe

9. In fact, fried spring rolls are also good, the taste is not much worse than that of fried ones, and the calories are low and they don’t get hot. Let’s talk about the method of frying spring rolls, it’s very simple: Pour a little more vegetable oil into the pan, turn to medium heat and heat up slightly, then turn to low heat, add the spring rolls and fry them until the bottom is golden.

Spring Pie with Leek Sprouts Stuffing recipe

10. Turn it over and fry for golden brown. The spring rolls are thin, so the oil temperature must not be high, otherwise you don’t know if it will burn as soon as it is in the pot.

Spring Pie with Leek Sprouts Stuffing recipe

11. Take a bite of the spring roll, the outer skin is crispy, the inner is soft and delicious, it is almost swallowed by the tongue

Spring Pie with Leek Sprouts Stuffing recipe


1: Use shepherd's purse as the filling to make the flavor more delicious.\n2: The oil temperature for deep-frying or frying of the spring rolls should not be high, otherwise they will burn quickly when they are in the pot


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