Durian Noodles

Durian Noodles

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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The autumn breeze is blowing, the weather is cold, the noodles have a new partner! My son is fascinated by it and eats it every day recently! The autumn wind is rustling, and the weather is getting colder. It is necessary to rely on high-energy food to raise the lower body temperature! Nowadays, the price of goods is constantly rising, and the price of meat is constantly rising. Except for wages, everything is rising, rising, rising! There is only one food that has the lowest price increase. Not only is there no cutting-edge information, but the taste has been constantly updated over the years, and there is no increase in the price. Of course it is a good partner for breakfast-noodles! On TV, whenever I describe that I can’t afford to eat, I’ll say “cook noodles”. Compared to takeaways and box lunches, noodles are of course cheaper. However, there is a baby with a full body in the family. Although it is just eating noodles, it still has to be a bit pursued. Every time I was lazy, I felt an inexplicable sense of "guilt" when eating noodles for my baby. "No nutrition..." I immediately fry him an egg and put a few vegetable leaves to balance and balance the nutrition. Cook the noodles for one minute and the ingredients for half an hour. I wanted to save something and eat noodles for breakfast, but it turned out that there were vegetables and eggs and peanuts, and the portion was a little too much. Why go out to buy breakfast? Isn't it fragrant to cook noodles at home? If this is the configuration, incense! You can see the richness, fried peanuts, hot vegetables, and durian. If you have time, then fry a yellow poached egg! This kind of noodles is used for breakfast, and the bowl of pork knuckle noodles is not changed! Generally speaking, among the noodle members, vegetable noodles are just a taste, but this combination gives the vegetable noodles great dignity. It is said that vegetable noodles go well with fruits! Let’s warm up your stomach with a bowl of durian noodles in the autumn breeze!


Durian Noodles

1. The ingredients are ready, a box of Zeng Gongzi durian meat and a handful of noodles

Durian Noodles recipe

2. Dice carrots, shred cucumbers, fry peanuts, two spoons of light soy sauce and one spoon of vinegar, mix thoroughly, set aside.

Durian Noodles recipe

3. Take the durian meat out of the box and thaw at room temperature for later use

Durian Noodles recipe

4. Boil a pot of water and cook the noodles

Durian Noodles recipe

5. When cooking the noodles, let's adjust the sauce, mince the garlic, and put it in the pot with the chopped green onion. Add a little salt and pepper

Durian Noodles recipe

6. Bring two tablespoons of oil to a boil and pour it over to stimulate the fragrance.

Durian Noodles recipe

7. Pour in light soy sauce, aged vinegar, and pepper, scoop two spoons of noodle soup into it, mix well and mix, the noodle soup is ready.

Durian Noodles recipe

8. After the noodles are cooked, pour the diced carrots into the soup and blanch them.

Durian Noodles recipe

9. Take out the cooked noodles and place them in the prepared soup. Place the diced carrots, fried peanuts, and shredded cucumber on top. Finally, add durian meat, mix well and start eating! Mr. Zeng Zi Musang King Durian, the cheese-like silky soft waxy sweet to burst!

Durian Noodles recipe


Too much durian mud will be too sweet and greasy. Just right amount~


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