Easy Borscht

Easy Borscht

by c clean

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The very simple borscht allows you who don’t know how to cook to show your housekeeping skills.


Easy Borscht

1. Cut beef into pieces and blanch.

Easy Borscht recipe

2. The tomatoes are blanched in boiling water and peeled.

Easy Borscht recipe

3. Cut vegetables into pieces and set aside.

Easy Borscht recipe

4. Over oil the pan, add the tomatoes beyond the juice, and then add the vegetables.

Easy Borscht recipe

5. Take out the electric pot and pour in the cooked vegetables and beef.

Easy Borscht recipe

6. Pour in tomato juice and a pinch of salt.

Easy Borscht recipe

7. Press the soup mode and wait for a while to get out of the pot!

Easy Borscht recipe


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