Easy Steak Seasonal Vegetable Set

Easy Steak Seasonal Vegetable Set

by Uni's Kitty

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#Mediterranean cuisine inspired by New Element
One day at noon, I suddenly wanted to have a simple meal, so such a meal was born


Easy Steak Seasonal Vegetable Set

1. Flavoring agent: red wine, soy sauce, a little salt. Veal steak: Cut the steak into small pieces, soak it in the seasoning a little to remove the fishy, and poke a few stomata with a fork to taste. Preheat the frying pan, melt the butter (you can replace it with butter), put the steak into the pan, and fry it in reverse. Finally, sprinkle pepper or cumin according to personal preference (to save time, the method is very simple ✔️)

Easy Steak Seasonal Vegetable Set recipe

2. Mashed potatoes: Wash potatoes and boil them softly in boiling water. Then peel them, divide them into small pieces and place them in a bowl. Use a spoon to lightly press the potato pieces and stir until they are puree and there are no lumps. Finely chop rosemary and stir into mashed potatoes with salt and sesame oil. When serving, use a large spoon to scoop into a ball~ (The picture shows the rosemary baked small potatoes, which can be used as a substitute for mashed potatoes~)

Easy Steak Seasonal Vegetable Set recipe

3. Vegetables: Pursue health, just burn it with clean water.

Easy Steak Seasonal Vegetable Set recipe

4. Place the plate: The steak is placed in the center, surrounded by vegetables, mashed potatoes, and white rice. A larger plate can be used.

5. Such a simple lunch is complete! Of course, you can also replace steak with grilled chicken, roast goose and char siu...In short, it will be rich and healthy.

Easy Steak Seasonal Vegetable Set recipe


1. Add a little cream to the mashed potatoes, or bake it with cheese
2. If you want to improve the flavor of the veal steak, you can marinate it with red wine and spices in advance


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