Edamame Dried Eel

Edamame Dried Eel

by Piaoxue Kitchen

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There is a bag of dried eel left in the house, which is very fragrant with some edamame and carrots. Eel is a kind of food with high nutritional value. It has the effect of nourishing deficiency and nourishing blood. It is very suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. Eel is rich in calcium, and regular consumption can also enhance physical fitness.


Edamame Dried Eel

1. Clean and cut eel, sliced ginger and garlic

Edamame Dried Eel recipe

2. Edamame cooked, carrots diced

Edamame Dried Eel recipe

3. Stir fragrant ginger and garlic in a frying pan

Edamame Dried Eel recipe

4. Add dried eel and stir fry, add cooking wine to remove fishy

Edamame Dried Eel recipe

5. Add edamame and carrots

Edamame Dried Eel recipe

6. Put the dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, salt, sugar, and boiling water on the fire and bring it to a medium-to-low fire

Edamame Dried Eel recipe

7. Wait for the fish to be dried, collect the juice and sprinkle with chopped green onion

Edamame Dried Eel recipe


My dried eel is light, if it is salty dried fish, the seasoning should be reduced appropriately


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