Egg Fried Noodle

Egg Fried Noodle

by Little tabby cat

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Egg Fried Noodles (¯﹃¯) is best for sitting in front of the window when you are hungry at noon~ Basking in the warm sun~ The scent of onion egg sauce is all here~ Salty, sweet and refreshing~ Endless aftertaste~~ It is delicious The secret lies in the frying of the egg fried sauce and the smooth and refreshing face~~


Egg Fried Noodle

1. Wash all the ingredients. Dice the shallots, cut the white scallions into thin slices (or shreds), diced green peppers, 35 grams of bean paste, beat two eggs at room temperature, and set aside.

Egg Fried Noodle recipe

2. Pour mineral water (or cold boiled water) into the noodle bowl where you are going to hold the noodles and set aside.

Egg Fried Noodle recipe

3. Heat the sunflower oil on medium heat. Add the diced green peppers when the oil temperature is 80% to 90%. Stir-fry the green peppers until they are 8 mature. It is better not to paste.

Egg Fried Noodle recipe

4. After the diced green peppers are fried, turn to medium-high heat and pour the prepared eggs into the pan. At this time, gently shake the pan to let the green peppers and the eggs fuse together, and then continue to maintain the medium-high heat to fry the water inside the egg to "bubble" "(As shown in the upper left corner of the egg whitening), before the top of the egg is not fully cooked, sprinkle in the prepared scallion white flakes, use a spatula to mix the scallion white flakes and the uncooked egg evenly, after mixing, reduce the heat and slowly add It is best to keep the eggs fragrant and not mushy.

Egg Fried Noodle recipe

5. During the frying process, part of the eggs will slowly break apart, and the remaining large pieces of eggs will be gently separated with a spatula (when separating, you will see the cross-sectional holes left by the foaming of the eggs), and the bottom of the eggs will be Stir fry a slightly orange-yellow crispy crust. When the aroma is fragrant, the fry is successful. This step is still a small fire.

Egg Fried Noodle recipe

6. Add the bean paste, which is the amount that just wraps the egg, not too much. Continue to keep the fire low, fry the bean paste into the holes left by the foaming of the foamed egg, and gently stir to get the sauce fragrance, and finally add a little MSG and stir evenly.

Egg Fried Noodle recipe

7. The egg fried sauce is out of the pan and set aside.

Egg Fried Noodle recipe

8. Zhajang noodles need to be paired with wide noodles, so the amount of water for cooking the noodles must be enough. After the water is boiled on a high heat, add the noodles. After the noodles are completely filled in the water, turn the heat to medium and start cooking the noodles. (The cooking time on the picture is about 5 minutes.)

Egg Fried Noodle recipe

9. Remove the cooked noodles with chopsticks, put them in the prepared mineral water, and cover with the prepared egg fried sauce and diced shallots. Let the fried noodles stand for 1 minute, the sauce in the fried egg sauce will slowly melt into the noodle soup, the soup will appear sauce-colored and exude a strong fragrance, and it is complete.

Egg Fried Noodle recipe


1. For those who love salt, you can halve the portion of bean paste and add salt for double flavor.
2. Those who like the light sauce can leave out MSG and increase the amount of mineral water reserved in the noodle bowl by 20%. The taste will be more sweet.
3. If the thin slices of green onion are stir-fried in the pan, if the phenomenon occurs, it means that the heat is not right and needs to be adjusted according to the situation.
4. The amount of water to cook the lasagna must be enough, otherwise it will be difficult to cook, stick to the bottom of the pot, and the soup will be too rich, and the refreshing lasagna will not be cooked.
5. What is egg foaming? Because the oil temperature maintains a certain degree of heat, the gas in the water inside the egg is slowly stimulated, and foam is formed inside and on the surface of the egg.
6. The purpose of preparing mineral water for soaking the noodles is to allow the noodles to alternate between hot and cold, which can increase the elasticity and luster of the noodles and enhance the sweet, smooth and tender taste.
7. When the egg noodles are standing still, if the sauce of the egg noodles does not penetrate into the noodle soup, gently shake the noodle bowl, and the noodle soup can quickly become colored.
8. Eat it while it is hot. Due to the salty flavor of the noodles, it is recommended to prepare a cup of salty drink in advance and drink it after the meal^_^


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