Egg White Biscuits

Egg White Biscuits

by Aonalis

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The extra egg white from making egg yolk biscuits is best used to make egg white biscuits. It tastes crunchy and crispy! As for the egg yolk biscuits I mentioned, I also uploaded it, thank you for your appreciation! ~


Egg White Biscuits

1. Take out two eggs, separate the egg white and the yolk, and tell friends who don’t have an egg white separator at home,'Method 1: Directly add the egg yolk into the bowl, and then take the spoon to fish it out, provided that the egg yolk cannot be scattered' (Method 2: The egg is broken at one end and requires a small hole, not larger than the yolk, or the yolk will fall out.)

Egg White Biscuits recipe

2. Whoops, even though it’s making biscuits, it’s really troublesome to whip the egg whites~ It’s like the picture above, it has a sharp corner and it’s straight. (The egg white bowl should be clean, oil-free and water-free, and there should be no trace of egg yolk, otherwise it will not be able to be passed. Just add sugar or at the beginning)

Egg White Biscuits recipe

3. To prepare the flour, mine (Jinshahe high-gluten wheat-core flour, low-gluten flour is also OK) sift, if there is no sieve, then directly use the watch or spoon to smash or crush the pieces.

Egg White Biscuits recipe

4. Add flour to the beaten egg whites and mix well.

Egg White Biscuits recipe

5. Concentrated children should have discovered that you have turned into a dough after mixing! Yes, it's okay, just add about 10 water and stir it. No more. We are making biscuits, not cakes. it's okay no problem.

Egg White Biscuits recipe

6. After adding the water, stir it and it becomes uniform. Remember, the batter should be thick now, not as thin as a cake batter. At this time, the oven is preheated at 150°C for 10 minutes

Egg White Biscuits recipe

7. Put tin foil or oil paper on the baking tray in advance, and make it look like you like. I'm a lazy person, so I don't bother to make any shape. Now the oven is baked at 150℃ for 15-20 minutes. If you like it, you can bake it for a few more minutes. I counted 35 cookies in total.

Egg White Biscuits recipe


Don’t leave it too long when you bake it, or you won’t even know it’s burnt.


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