Eight Treasure Rice

Eight Treasure Rice

by He Xiaohe

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One of my children’s favorite rice, the amount of water can be adjusted, it is sticky or chewy.


Eight Treasure Rice

1. Soak the rice and peanuts for more than 1 hour in advance

Eight Treasure Rice recipe

2. Dried fruits are washed and soaked, and jujubes can be pitted. I was lazy and didn’t go. It was very hard to eat.

Eight Treasure Rice recipe

3. Put zong leaves on the bottom of the bowl, fresh ones are best, put some dried fruit

Eight Treasure Rice recipe

4. Fill in rice, add proper amount of water

Eight Treasure Rice recipe

5. Put it into the pressure cooker, steam it, the soup program of the electric pressure cooker I use

Eight Treasure Rice recipe

6. Steamed Eight Treasure Rice

Eight Treasure Rice recipe

7. Find a plate, buckle it upside down, remove the zong leaves and you can eat it

Eight Treasure Rice recipe


Replace with other dried fruits, but not less candied dates.


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