Emerald Filigree

Emerald Filigree

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The leek moss is fresh and green like emerald, the soybean sprouts are plump and plump like silver, the egg silk is as golden as gold, the red pepper is embellished with rubies, the bowl is full of pearls, and the scene of a bumper harvest O(∩_∩)O~···


Emerald Filigree

1. All ingredients: leek moss, lean meat, eggs, soybean sprouts, red pepper

Emerald Filigree recipe

2. Wash the lean meat and cut into shreds, add salt, soy sauce, cooking wine, sesame oil, starch, stir evenly, and marinate for a while. The eggs are broken and scattered, the bean sprouts are picked and washed, the peppers are washed and shredded, the leek moss is washed and cut

Emerald Filigree recipe

3. Put a little oil in the pan to heat up, pour in the egg mixture and fry it into egg skins.

Emerald Filigree recipe

4. Continue to add oil to the hot pan, pour in the marinated pork shreds, stir-fry quickly on high heat until cooked, set aside and set aside

Emerald Filigree recipe

5. Put the soybean sprouts and leek moss in the original pot and stir-fry for a while

Emerald Filigree recipe

6. Add chili shreds

Emerald Filigree recipe

7. Add abalone juice and a pinch of salt

Emerald Filigree recipe

8. Add the fried shredded pork

Emerald Filigree recipe

9. Add shredded egg, stir fry evenly

Emerald Filigree recipe


The shredded pork will be marinated for a while and it will be easy to taste. After stir-frying, it will taste fresh and tender. Finally, add it and stir-fry well. The flower buds of the leek moss should be removed and discarded, and the roots of the bean sprouts should be removed before cooking. The whole dish will be cooked quickly.


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