Enoki Mushroom and Spinach Soup

Enoki Mushroom and Spinach Soup

by Shredded Potato Burrito

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Flammulina velutipes is an ultra-low-calorie fungus ingredient. 100 grams of Flammulina velutipes contains only 32 calories, which will not cause fat accumulation in the body. Flammulina velutipes contains a lot of cellulose like spinach, which can increase the fullness of the gastrointestinal tract. , Can moisturize the intestines and detox, extremely helpful for weight loss


Enoki Mushroom and Spinach Soup

1. Wash the spinach. When we wash the spinach, we need to separate each leaf. Don’t wash the whole leaf one by one.

Enoki Mushroom and Spinach Soup recipe

2. Bring to a boil, blanch the spinach in boiling water for half a minute and remove it. Cool immediately.

Enoki Mushroom and Spinach Soup recipe

3. Cut off the roots of enoki mushrooms, soak them in clean water for more than 10 minutes, then blanch them with boiling water, and remove them after cooling.

Enoki Mushroom and Spinach Soup recipe

4. Use a little oily saucepan, not too much, but if there is no oil, the spinach will still have a bit astringent taste, just use a little vegetable oily saucepan to add water, according to the population and the amount of vegetables, not too much water, just add the processed enoki mushrooms , Boil

Enoki Mushroom and Spinach Soup recipe

5. Boil the enoki mushrooms for 1 minute, add the cold dried spinach, add salt and chopped green onion to taste, and just boil. Don’t cook for too long, lest the spinach tastes soft after being overheated and it won’t taste good

Enoki Mushroom and Spinach Soup recipe


When many people eat fresh enoki mushrooms, they just split them apart, rinse them with water, and cook them directly. It's not right to do this. Fresh Flammulina velutipes contains colchicine, which is harmful to the body. Colchicine is easily soluble in water and can be destroyed when heated enough. Therefore, before eating fresh Flammulina velutipes, it should be soaked in cold water before cooking. At the same time Note that the enoki mushrooms must be soft-cooked, so that the colchicine will decompose when heated. No matter how it is done, it should be blanched. This will not only sterilize and disinfect, but also remove a bad taste in the enoki mushrooms, and taste and taste the most beautiful.
Needless to say spinach, blanching is necessary, it can destroy the oxalic acid in spinach, do not overdo it when you eat it, because spinach is a cold vegetable, it is harmful to the stomach.


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