Seasonal Vegetable Egg Rolls

Seasonal Vegetable Egg Rolls

by fancy kitchen

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This is a formula I found out, and I feel a sense of pride.

The taste is fragrant and tender, the key is that it is very suitable for small babies. Babies around 3 years old can eat the whole one for breakfast. There are vegetables and eggs in an omelet with a small amount of starch, which is very nutritious. It's not enough for adults to eat one.


Seasonal Vegetable Egg Rolls

1. Corn starch and water are mixed in proportion, which is the best ratio for many experiments. Mix the water and powder thoroughly, and it will be easy to mix the eggs later. If you make one egg, halve it.

Seasonal Vegetable Egg Rolls recipe

2. Add two eggs, shredded carrots, and cut spinach into small pieces.

Seasonal Vegetable Egg Rolls recipe

3. Break up the egg liquid and mix well. The recipe is two eggs, which can be made into two pancakes. The pan is the size of an ordinary non-stick pan, about 8 inches.

Seasonal Vegetable Egg Rolls recipe

4. Brush a small amount of oil in a non-stick pan, pour in egg wash, sprinkle white sesame seeds and chives on the surface. The fire cannot be too big.

Seasonal Vegetable Egg Rolls recipe

5. When the egg liquid on the surface is almost solidified, turn it over and fry it, and keep the sesame seeds underneath.

Seasonal Vegetable Egg Rolls recipe

6. According to the taste, smear the tomato sauce on the bottom of the pie,

Seasonal Vegetable Egg Rolls recipe

7. Roll up the pie, and the sesame seeds can just be exposed. Adults do not actually need to cut them. For babies to eat, it is convenient to cut them into small pieces. Take one bite at a time with a fork.

Seasonal Vegetable Egg Rolls recipe


The key to making this cake is the amount of starch and water. If there is too much powder, it will be very dry and the cake will not be tender. Too much water makes it easy to break. When turning it, wait until the pie is almost cooked so that it won’t break.


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