Cold Seasonal Vegetables

Cold Seasonal Vegetables

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Cold dishes should be the darling of many families in summer, quick and convenient, and the dishes are refreshing to cool off the heat. Yesterday, in order to brew the heavy rain at night in Yangzhou, it was sultry and hot like midsummer. I turned over the vegetables at home and made a mixed seasonal vegetables to wake up the appetite of the little pot friends and let the baby fall in love with eating!


Cold Seasonal Vegetables

1. The fans are ready for use in advance. Beat the eggs, spread the egg skins in a pan, set aside

Cold Seasonal Vegetables recipe

2. Shred all egg skins, carrots, onions, spinach, and luncheon meat

Cold Seasonal Vegetables recipe

3. Blanch the vermicelli, carrots, and onions and let cool

Cold Seasonal Vegetables recipe

4. Blanch the spinach for 10 seconds to remove and let cool

Cold Seasonal Vegetables recipe

5. Mix all the ingredients well, add Korean chili paste, a little salt and sugar, 1 teaspoon of sesame oil and mix well.

Cold Seasonal Vegetables recipe


1. When making egg crusts, be sure to have a low heat, use a non-stick pan, and do not put oil in the pan. If you have an electric baking pan at home, you can also use an electric baking pan to make egg crusts;
2. Spinach must be blanched for oxalic acid, but the blanching time should not be too long. Vegetables should be blanched


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