Family Sushi

Family Sushi

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Family Sushi

1. Cut cucumber, carrot, and ham into small pellets for later use. Peel the fresh shrimps, peel the scallops, wash them, and cook them in boiling water (the time depends on the personal feeling).

Family Sushi recipe

2. Add sliced cucumber, carrot and ham diced to a little salad dressing and mix well. Add a little salad dressing to the tuna and mix well. Take 3 cooked prawns, chopped and cucumber cubes, add a little salad dressing and mix well. Slice the salmon and set aside the scallops.

Family Sushi recipe

3. Hold the cooked rice into a ball, use the cut seaweed strips (5 cm wide strips) around the rice balls, and add the mixed tuna, cucumber, carrot, ham, and cucumber shrimp. Put salmon, scallops, and shrimp on the rice balls.

Family Sushi recipe

4. It’s time to enjoy sushi, a little sushi soy sauce wasabi with delicious sushi, how wonderful it is!

Family Sushi recipe


Making sushi with my family and children, it is very happy and enjoyable. You can also make a variety of creative sushi with different ingredients according to your own preferences. It is really fun, and start a happy time with delicious food.


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