Fancy Toast

Fancy Toast

by Bake in a hurry

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Use Guiyi organic pure milk to make a tastier and healthier toast to share with your family and spend a good pastry time together


Fancy Toast

1. Weigh all the ingredients except butter

Fancy Toast recipe

2. First mix at low speed to form a dough

Fancy Toast recipe

3. Knead to 70% film, add butter and continue to knead

Fancy Toast recipe

4. Until the transparent film

Fancy Toast recipe

5. Put it in the proofing box and ferment for half an hour at room temperature

Fancy Toast recipe

6. Send it to twice the size and then take it out and divide it

Fancy Toast recipe

7. Divide equally into 6 pieces, simply rub the ellipse

Fancy Toast recipe

8. Relax for a quarter of an hour and roll out

Fancy Toast recipe

9. Relax for the second time, roll again after a quarter of an hour

Fancy Toast recipe

10. Fancy toast, using three-strand braids, shape it and put it in the toast box for the final fermentation until it is 9 minutes full

Fancy Toast recipe

11. 9 points full as shown

Fancy Toast recipe

12. Bake at 170, 160, and 150 degrees for 10 minutes each

Fancy Toast recipe

13. Return to one organic pure milk, spend a good pastry time together

Fancy Toast recipe


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