Fermented Okara Biscuit

Fermented Okara Biscuit

by Orange fruit

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Okara biscuits are suitable for children who want to change their deciduous teeth, grind their teeth, and let that cute little tooth fall by itself!
This biscuits tastes salty and sweet, make a shape a little, kids will love it!
A large picture of the super detailed operation is attached, and my cooking tips will also include my experience of making this biscuit. Please remember to read it again, otherwise the taste may change, no surprises!


Fermented Okara Biscuit

1. Drain the bean dregs and place them on a plate.

Fermented Okara Biscuit recipe

2. The wet okara is heated in the microwave to semi-dry, and the okara can barely form into slices by pressing it with your hand.

Fermented Okara Biscuit recipe

3. The butter is weighed and cut into thin slices.

Fermented Okara Biscuit recipe

4. Use a whisk to beat the butter smoothly, add fine sugar and continue to beat until it is puffy.

Fermented Okara Biscuit recipe

5. Add salt to the basin, sift into the low powder, add the bean dregs and yeast.

Fermented Okara Biscuit recipe

6. Press and mix with a spatula until the butter and flour form small particles.

Fermented Okara Biscuit recipe

7. Gather the flour particles in the basin and wrap them in plastic wrap to wake up for 30 minutes.

Fermented Okara Biscuit recipe

8. Put a cling film on the chopping board, and layer the dough on top of the cling film, press and roll it out to a thickness of 6mm, and use a biscuit mold to shape it.

Fermented Okara Biscuit recipe

9. Pour the biscuits into a baking tray lined with greased paper and leave to ferment for about 1 hour. (Compression mold 2.7*2.5CM)

Fermented Okara Biscuit recipe

10. The carved flower pattern will be fermented for about 1 hour. (Compression mold 6.3*4.2CM)

Fermented Okara Biscuit recipe

11. Put it into the preheated 180 degree oven, the upper and lower fire, hot air mode, the small biscuits are baked for about 12 minutes, and the large biscuits are baked for about 15 minutes. The baking time depends on the situation of each oven. (If there is no hot air mode, use upper and lower fire to bake, the time is slightly shortened)

Fermented Okara Biscuit recipe


Although it is a simple biscuit, I still recommend it, because I like it with my family and colleagues, so I made it three times in a row.
Regarding the microwave: the microwave uses 1000W of power. It is heated for three minutes, then take it out and stir, and then over 2 minutes, 70 grams of dried soybeans will get more than 70 grams of dried okara.
About salt: The order of adding salt will directly affect the taste of the final product. If salt and sugar are mixed and passed, it is an extremely ordinary sweet biscuit, but if it is mixed with powder in the later period, the taste of the final product will be The salty and sweet taste will make you eat one piece after another to your heart's content.
Regarding texture: it is hard and is excellent for grinding teeth. After carnival shopping, it is highly recommended to friends who need to tighten their belts. It can not only learn to be frugal, but also can satisfy hunger, have a feeling of fullness, and enhance intestinal capacity. get more. Haha...!

This article is only a small record of personal cooking, thank you for your attention!


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