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Egg filling pie has always wanted to try. Recently, Dalian has closed the door due to heavy snowfall, and staying at home just happened to take him. Reference to the two methods of the rainbow, each has its own advantages, the first is simple and convenient and it is fun to make big bubbles, and the second is rich in internal layers and has a soft taste.


1. Use chopsticks to stir the dough into a fluffy shape.

Filling recipe

2. Knead the smooth fresh-keeping bag to wake up for 30 minutes.

Filling recipe

3. Prepare shortbread.

Filling recipe

4. Divide the dough into 6 small doses without kneading, and knead and relax them for 5 minutes.

Filling recipe

5. Take a small dough rod and thinly wrap it into the shortbread, close it tightly, and wrap it in sequence.

Filling recipe

6. Take the first dough rod and be careful not to roll it out, and wake up for a while.

Filling recipe

7. Take a measuring cup and prepare the egg liquid.

Filling recipe

8. Heat in a non-stick pan, add oil, and fry under the lid for 1 minute. Brush the surface with oil and turn over.

Filling recipe

9. Poke a hole in the middle of the pie, pour the egg mixture, and turn it over immediately.

Filling recipe

10. Fry until golden on both sides before serving.

Filling recipe

11. In the second method, roll the dough into an oval shape, coat the upper part with shortbread, and leave the head.

Filling recipe

12. Fold it in half and apply the shortbread, still leaving the head.

Filling recipe

13. Roll up and press on the open head.

Filling recipe

14. The flattening rod should not be too thin.

Filling recipe

15. Fry until both sides are golden and the mouth is slightly open, then you can put the egg liquid.

Filling recipe

16. Enjoy it.

Filling recipe


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