Scallion Egg Pancake

Scallion Egg Pancake

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Chopped green onion and eggs are a perfect match, especially if they are paired together to make a cake, it is called a fragrant. Because of the strong plasticity of flour, there are many ways to make scallion egg pancakes. Soothed, dead or hot noodles can make very delicious scallion egg pancakes. However, many friends who like to eat biscuits say that it is really too difficult to make biscuits, and it is often a waste of time, and it is not done in the end.
Today we will share a super simple method of scallion egg pancakes. It is so simple that you don't need to knead the noodles and don't touch the noodles by hand. You can make delicious scallion egg pancakes with just a stir. It takes 2 minutes to make noodles, 3 minutes to pancakes, and 5 minutes to eat fragrant pancakes. It is really suitable for breakfast.

Scallion Egg Pancake

1. Weigh the prepared materials, wash and chop the shallots;

Scallion Egg Pancake recipe

2. Flour with eggs;

Scallion Egg Pancake recipe

3. Add chopped green onion

Scallion Egg Pancake recipe

4. With salt;

Scallion Egg Pancake recipe

5. Add water

Scallion Egg Pancake recipe

6. Pump and stir evenly with hands, no gnocchi;

Scallion Egg Pancake recipe

7. Brush the pan with a layer of oil, scoop a spoonful of batter into the pan, and let the batter level;

Scallion Egg Pancake recipe

8. Fry on medium and low heat until the batter starts to change color, just turn it over and fry for a while;

Scallion Egg Pancake recipe

9. Quick breakfast, delicious and nutritious.

Scallion Egg Pancake recipe


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