Finger Marshmallow

Finger Marshmallow

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Carving marshmallows into small flowers looks good, but it creates a pile of shapeless leftovers. I made it again, decided not to do these fancy things, the regular shape has no leftovers, and I made some color confusion to confuse the eyes. The color of the grape juice is good, it is very dark. I don't know if it will be diluted if it is added a little bit? Give it a try. After a try, I know that it is futile to add color to the marshmallows with a little fruit juice, so I have to quickly grab the pigment rescue field, purple, and grape juice.
Shape, what kind of shape, how to operate so that there are no leftovers? Flattened and cut? The mash of marshmallows is not very fluid, it is piled on the starch, and it hardly runs. Put it into a bag, squeeze it into a long strip, and cut it into small pieces. There are no corners left, and the round shape is more stylish. It turns out that the idea is good and it is easy to operate. . .

Finger Marshmallow

1. Ingredients: 100 grams of cooked corn starch, 23 grams of warm water, 8 grams of fish gelatin powder, 33 grams of water, 66 grams of caster sugar, 33 grams of dextrose powder, 50 grams of maltose, 1 gram of white vinegar, 1.3 grams of water, 2 teaspoons of grape juice , A little pigment

Finger Marshmallow recipe

2. Spread cornstarch on the table and set aside. Pour white vinegar into 1.3 grams of water, mix well, and set aside. The isinglass powder is dissolved in warm water and set aside.

Finger Marshmallow recipe

3. Pour water, caster sugar, dextrose, and maltose into a pot, boil, turn to low heat, continue to cook to 112 degrees, remove from heat, and cool to 80 degrees. Add isinglass powder solution and grape juice,

Finger Marshmallow recipe

4. Use a whisk to quickly beat for 7 minutes to form a hard foam. Add the coloring matter and the vinegar in turn, and beat them evenly. Put it in a piping bag with a round opening

Finger Marshmallow recipe

5. Extrude long strips on the starch and let cool for 8 minutes. Sprinkle the starch on the surface of the marshmallow, so that the marshmallow is covered with starch, cut into sections, mix evenly in the starch, put in a mesh sieve, and sift out the excess floating powder.

Finger Marshmallow recipe


The melted fish glue powder needs to be kept warm to keep the melted state to prevent solidification due to low temperature.
When boiling sugar, pay attention to the heat, so that the color of the caramel will be affected by the fire prevention.


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