Flavored Chicken Slices

Flavored Chicken Slices

by Soft blue crystal

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There are some salad dressings and pickled tomatoes for western food at home. They are not only used for sandwiches. I often use them to marinate meat ingredients, which can give the marinated meat a special flavor, which is similar to direct frying. The taste is not the same, but it feels very special and delicious. The chicken breast can be out of the pot when it changes color. It does not need to be heated all the time. The chicken breast produced in this way will be tender, and with a special taste, it will be very fragrant just by smelling it.

Flavored Chicken Slices

1. Slice chicken breast, pour in garlic sauce and cooking wine, marinate for a while. Before serving, pour in cornstarch and stir well.

Flavored Chicken Slices recipe

2. Pour the oil into the pan, add the chicken in the cold oil, and put it into the pan piece by piece to prevent sticking.

Flavored Chicken Slices recipe

3. Pinch the pickled tomatoes out of the bottle and fry them with the chicken slices until the color changes on both sides and serve.

Flavored Chicken Slices recipe

4. Pour a little oil in the pan, add garlic and hot pepper and saute until fragrant.

Flavored Chicken Slices recipe

5. Put the previous chicken slices and pickled tomatoes in.

Flavored Chicken Slices recipe

6. Add a little braised soy sauce and chicken bouillon, stir fry and bring out evenly.

Flavored Chicken Slices recipe


1. The oil used to fry the chicken slices will be a bit turbid, so don't use these oils to avoid affecting the appearance of the dishes.
2. Don't heat the chicken for a long time, so as to prevent the taste from getting old.
3. The two marinades cannot be replaced because the flavor is more unique.


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