Flower Nectar Congee

Flower Nectar Congee

by Jiu Jiayi

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Combining porridge and flower and fruit tea in the name of sweetness, romantic and beautiful, warm and moist with women's flowers, on this road of life, swaying and swaying a romantic and happy life!

The bottom of the porridge is cooked together with rice and millet. There is a lot of oil in the porridge and it is very nutritious. After making the flower nectar tea, stir it with rice porridge, add candied dates and cranberries, it is sweet and nourishing, sweet and sour."


Flower Nectar Congee

1. 60 grams of rice, 10 grams of millet

Flower Nectar Congee recipe

2. After mixing the rice and millet, clean it, put in an appropriate amount of spring water, bring to a boil on high fire, and simmer for 40 minutes

Flower Nectar Congee recipe

3. Cooked porridge, cool to warm

Flower Nectar Congee recipe

4. Flower nectar, rock sugar, cranberry, candied date

Flower Nectar Congee recipe

5. Put rock sugar and flower nectar into the cup

Flower Nectar Congee recipe

6. Flush into the 85-degree spring water

Flower Nectar Congee recipe

7. Chopped candied dates

Flower Nectar Congee recipe

8. Put warm rice porridge in a bowl, add an appropriate amount of flower and fruit tea water, stir evenly, add cranberries and candied dates.

Flower Nectar Congee recipe


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