Flower Sausage Bread

Flower Sausage Bread

by The happy life of Sweet New Bell

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This bread can be eaten directly, or the petals can be eaten separately, which is kind of interesting, haha.


Flower Sausage Bread

1. Put all the dough materials into the bread machine to make the dough. After the fermentation, the dough is taken out and vented, divided into 8 equal parts, rounded and relaxed for 15 minutes; the loosened dough is rolled into an oval shape, the sausage is placed in the middle, and the sausage is used Wrap the dough and pinch the seams tightly

Flower Sausage Bread recipe

2. Cut into 6 equal parts with a knife, and place them evenly on the cross-section into an oiled baking tray to form a flower shape. Spread a little water or no coating between each petal; put it in a warm and humid place for the final Ferment

Flower Sausage Bread recipe

3. Finally, the fermentation is over, and the surface is brushed with egg liquid; put in a preheated 80℃ oven, middle layer, upper and lower heat, 15 minutes

Flower Sausage Bread recipe
Flower Sausage Bread recipe


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